18 avril 2012 | Innovative business models for integrated housing renovation

Concept and Programme

Action !

No boring PowerPoint’s and endless discussions. Action and personal commitment rule instead, as well as creativity and networking. Join, and share your experiences and ideas !

Through the day, inspired moderators (gulls) tightly guide the small-group workshops to relevant conclusions and a proper learning effect for all participants. All results are shared and put in a broader perspective.

Part I : setting the scene : kaleidoscope

Through a kaleidoscope of elevator pitches, ‘hands-on’ experts share their experience on emerging business developments for integrated renovation.

Such as ? System suppliers willing to introduce prefab-renovation, DIY companies joining with project managers, insulation companies with installers, extending sustainable product lines to integral renovation systems, EP-focused financing of renovations...

Part II : ...towards clear-cut challenges

It’s up to all participants now to get involved. From their own daily practice and their own ambitions, they refine problem definitions as forwarded by the pitches, towards identifying and defining the real challenges. This happens in small thematic groups, guided by moderators.

Part III : taking up the challenge : business zoo

Starting from detected challenges and opportunities, small groups including all ‘animals’ or market players of the business chain are formed. They conceptually work out specific integrated business models for deep and sustainable renovation. Through developing concepts and generating business models, the participants have ample opportunities to cluster and to initiate partnerships.

Part IV : Take your piece of the pie...

And drinks of course, to end the day during a formal or informal table-set networking and B2B.

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